Chipotle GMO Lawsuit Keeps Labeling Regulation in Spotlight

A California lawsuit challenging the integrity of Chipotle’s “non-GMO” marketing claims has brought the issue back into the public spotlight as the fight over regulation intensifies. The Chipotle case involves questions over whether selling purportedly “non-GMO” meat from animals raised on GMO feed constitutes false advertising (a dilemma for other popular “non-GMO” brands, including Chobani Yogurt). The case comes as GMO labeling initiatives build momentum in Washington: the USDA rolled out plans for a federal GMO certification process in May, while a bill to block state GMO labeling laws and create an FDA pre-market notification mechanism awaits Senate action after passing the House with strong bipartisan support in July. For its part, the FDA has reiterated its longstanding position that mandatory GMO labeling is unnecessary.

Chipotle Suit
Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015(with full text)
USDA food labeling program

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