FCC Roundup

With the first week of the year focused on Obamacare, guns, and State of the Union prep, developments on the FCC front got less attention. The application window for broadcasters to enter the auction process runs from this afternoon (Friday) until Tuesday (1/12); Chairman Wheeler and others expect an “extravaganza” as local stations seek to cash in on their holdings. Meanwhile, the House E&C Subcommittee on Communications (Chairman Walden) has finalized plans for a 1/12 hearing on Title II issues and several related bills (on spamming, small business, amateur radio) that could likely find their way into a larger package. Finally, NCTA & AT&T (among other providers) have taken serious issue with the new “Broadband Progress Report” released this week, which industry sees as deliberately mischaracterising broadband coverage to bolster its Title II arguments.

Broadcast Auction

Hearing Notice

Progress Report

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