Net Neutrality Updates

Net Neutrality is back in the spotlight this week on the campaign trail and inside the Beltway. Stumping in Iowa on Tuesday, Jeb Bush made reversing the FCC’s open internet rules a focal point of his latest policy rollout, organized around proposals to cut federal regulations and shift authority to the states. Several of his rivals for the GOP nomination have also been critical of net neutrality measures, ncluding Sens.Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

In Washington, the amicus filing deadline for the legal challenge to the open internet rules (which went into effect on June 12) passed on Monday. USTA et. al. v FCC has drawn extensive input from some of the most prominent players in the broadband and internet industries.Oral arguments in the case are set to begin December 4th.

Telecom Industry Association Amicus Brief:–%20U.S.%20Telecom%20Assn.%20v.%20FCC%20%28CADC%29.pdf

Internet Association Amicus Brief:[

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